Customer testimonials

"Professional and pleasant cooperation"

"Our company regularly cooperates with Bart for our programming, modules for our website, etc. It is always a professional and pleasant cooperation. We know exactly what to expect from him. To work with Dot Internet is to work according to plan, timing and budget."

Manuela Libens, Gallia, Ltd.

"Software is used by 1/3 of the Belgian export in second hand cars"

"We are active in the car insurance industry and we chose Dot Internet to develop an umbrella system to manage our policies. Bart delivered a very user-friendly and time-saving program, and because of its success we decided to make it accessible via the internet for our dealers. At this moment, the software is used by 1/3 of the Belgian export in second hand cars. Many tens of thousands of insurance policies are continuously processed, screened and linked to a number of banks, insurance brokers and governments."

Lucas Potti, Belgian Insurance and Registration Office, Inc.

"Extra service towards our customers"

"Our company selected Dot Internet to program a custom software solution. Our clients can log in via the internet to process their breeding data. The system parses all these data, and generates a variety of practical reports and statistics. This way we can offer an extra service towards our customers."

Kristel Fierens, Fierens Food Compounds, Inc.

"Contributed to our fast growth"

"We deliver custom packages for installers of roofing constructions like bicycle parks, car ports, terraces, ... We used to work with long Excel lists to keep track of our stocks and orders. Dot Internet programmed a system where our dealers can directly log in to calculate their quotations and constructions. Once an order is confirmed, the system processes all parts automatically towards the stock. Our warehouse and painting department receive clear work orders, and the administration immediately gets all necessary documents in PDF. Dot Internet has undoubtedly contributed to our fast growth."

Patrick Verlinden, Bozarc, Ltd.

"Indispensable program that saves us a lot of work"

"Provida is a group venture delivering nursery services in the East Antwerp area. Dot Internet programmed a software system for our reports (medical information, briefings, treatments, ...) in an accessible Facebook style. It is an indispensable program that saves us a lot of work, and which processes approximately 20.000-25.000 reports per year. We now perfectly know the condition and history of each patient at every moment. And we finally got rid of our huge filing cabinet!"

Koen Van der Donck, Provida, Ltd.

"Extremely strong information structure"

"We are very satisfied about the cooperation with Dot Internet. Our website is stylish, not too flamboyant, and has an extremely strong information structure."

Guy Bogaerts, Proflight, Inc.

"High technical knowledge"

"Dot Internet developed an application for the administration of our 600 student accommodations in Mechelen and Sint-Katelijne-Waver. We use the system in the first place for our own internal administration, besides a login section for the students (to look up the available accommodation) and for the landlords (to manage the properties). As a one-man company, Bart has always offered us an outstanding service and flexibility, which can not be expected from larger enterprises. Bart has a high technical knowledge, and the communication is often surprisingly quick and to-the-point."

Tony Thijs, Thomas More University College

"Good program that I like to use"

"We use the program 'BookKit' of Dot Internet since many years. The program does what it needs to do, not more but certainly also not less. The support is excellent. The booking of complex files (which our office regularly has to deal with) does not result in any problems because of the good construction of the screens. BookKit is a good program that I like to use and which has already saved me a lot of time."

Dominique Cannaerts, Aro Travel, Ltd.

"We save several working hours per day"

"As one of the leading players in the relocation industry, we do a lot of 'full-service' relocations. A lot of information is required for every order such as the right volume, planning, inventory, materials, personnel, ... Our customers used to come to our office to arrange their relocation. This required personnel to receive them. The software of Dot Internet now moves this work to the customer, by letting him fill out all details himself via the internet. All data is then automatically processed towards our local company database. This way we save several working hours per day. At the end this is at the benefit of the customer, because we were able to drastically reduce our administration costs."

Axel Bürmann, De Vic Relocations, Inc.




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