Save time and money

Well thought-out software saves your enterprise a lot of time and money.

Each economic activity must be supported by a solid information structure in order to efficiently manage the work processes. The right software gives you a vast advantage over your competitors. You work faster, more productive and less error-prone.

You know how to run your business. Dot Internet knows how to structure your ICT.



Informatics is not an exact science. The architectures of Dot Internet respond to the following criteria:


Experience and experience

Designing a system the best possible way requires two elements: experience and experience. Dot Internet knows how to approach a given situation, how to define the needs and how to deliver strong results, in a clear communication without technical jargon.

See my references for more information.


Project lifetime

  1. To clearly and fully describe the requirements
  2. Analysis and work document with price offer
  3. Design, development and implementation of the software
  4. Testing, fine-tune and documentation
  5. Support