Software packages

Every software package was designed according to the following principles:


BookKit is a software package for a chain of travel businesses or a single travel agency. The program consists of a complete architecture to quickly and efficiently manage all your business' bookings. Read the press releases in Travel Magazine and Info Travel (Dutch).

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TourOp is a complete software architecture for tour operators, with the following key goals:

  • To drastically reduce the manual work while making travel quotations
  • To have a clear, low-memory and structured view on your email traffic, stored per file
  • To keep track of all your rates
  • To store your data in one centralized place
  • To print your documents (quotations, vouchers,...) or send them in digital version by email
  • To build out your company's database with destination information, photos, movies, contacts, etc.

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AJAX Cross Domain is a free library that allows to perform cross-domain AJAX requests. The program provides in the same functionality of the XMLHttpRequest object in a similar syntax, and can by extent handle all cross-domain requests. AJAX Cross Domain has acquired some international fame since 2007.

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KMO Facturatie is an invoice program targeted towards small enterprises. Because of the internet-based design, no installation is required on the computer. We use this package also for our own internal administration since many years.


Vocabulary Online is a web based application that implements the Leitner learning system ('Flashcards') to study vocabulary in any language. This system, developed in the 1970's, is generally recognized as one of the most efficient and quick learning systems for vocabulary.